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With distinct service, tantalizing food, sophistication and warmth we let you enjoy a fine dining experience, you would remember lifetime.

Delhi Hub takes customer satisfaction very seriously. To provide the best customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Policy by emailing us at the restaurant. For immediate response, please call the restaurant.

We cook our food fresh to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We take great care and pride in all of the dishes we make. Refunds or replacement are not typically provided for food that a guest simply does not like.


Complimentary Food

Sorry, we cannot provide a refund or cash value on any complimentary food item.

As a private business, it is the right of the restaurant to deny or refuse service to any customer for any reason. If a customer abuse any of the Return & Refund Policy we, unfortunately, will not be able to conduct future business with the customer so that we may continue to provide excellent and quality food and service for you and our other wonderful and frequent patrons.

We don’t adjust National holidays & Indian festival days.No way we adjust our operational hours.